About Bear Creek Colorado Hunting

Colorado’s best hunting adventure destination for those of you who just want a full fledged hunting adventure without the hassle. We are located in the Somerset, Colorado nuzzled in the beautiful rocky mountains with abundance of game opportunities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering our organization. We are, for the most part, just like you when it comes to outdoor recreation.

We too have experienced the frustration of fighting the crowds, making reservations to pitch a tent, and navigating a sea of blaze orange during hunting season. These inconveniences are becoming more and more prevalent each year, and have transformed our once-cherished ventures into the wilderness into reminders of times gone past.

The good news is that Bear Creek Hunting Adventures has established properties that will rekindle your excitement, enabling you to share a traditional experience with your family and friends.

We offer competitive pricing for a full fledged hunting adventure with game such as elk, deer, bear, mountain lion and turkey. You can reserve one of three of our cabin choices with vast hunting opportunities. We also offer other recreational activities such as horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowmobile riding, camping, hiking, mountain biking, 4WDing and ATV riding.

If you’re looking for a place to experience the beauty of the Colorado Rockies, without the crowds, look no further.

We look forward to speaking with you and, hopefully, introducing you to some of the best big game hunting in the Rockies.

Thanks for considering us.

Bear Creek Hunting Adventures

ABOVE Somerset Elevation: 7600 ft
GPS coordinates: N 38° 59.001′ 107° 30.056′

Bond: #34BSBFY1155
Insurance: #CSP1334105
License: #2776