Colorado’s best hunting adventure destination for those of you who just want a full fledged hunting adventure without the hassle. We
are located in the Somerset, Colorado nuzzled in the beautiful rocky mountains with abundance of game opportunities.

For Contracts Please Contact the following representative For Bear Creek Ranch, Cottonwood Cabin or Fire Mountain Cabin:

Tim OHagan at 303.601.0888
Drew Bakken at 720-329-7530

All hunts are five days!

For more information about 2019 Colorado hunting season fees and dates click here.

Archery season begins August 31st and ends September 29th. All hunts are 5 days unless specified otherwise. Additional day may be arranged Archery, Muzzleloading and Rifle hunts start on a Saturday and run through Wednesday. 4th rifle starts on Wednesday Nov. 13th.

Archery: *Muzzleloading/Rifle:

1st week: August 26th – August 30th
2nd week: September 2nd – September 6th
*3rd week: September 9th – September 13th (September 14th – September 19th can be prorated for extra days)
4th week: September 16th – September 20th

*Hunt days can be added or shortened per contract.

1st – 2nd Week $3,500
3rd – 4th Week $2,000

1st Rifle Season: October 14th – October 18th
*2nd Rifle Season: October 21st – October 25th
*3rd Rifle Season November 4th – November 8th
4th Rifle Season: November 15th – November 19th

Additional hunting days can be purchased for $500 each day

Application deadline for draw seasons i.e. muzzleloading, 1st and 4th week elk rifle, ALL mule deer, early Bear and all cow elk rifle permits. Need to be post marked by April 3rd, 2018. All hunters are encouraged to apply for preference points whether they hunt this year or not so they can accumulate points for future hunts.Land Owner Deer vouchers can be purchased through Colorado Hunting Adventures on a first come first serve basis. Any hunter that acquires a Land Owner Deer voucher must still purchase a deer license.